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The intense analysis of an industry enables us to carry out a profound analysis of existing and the development of new business models which is the foundation for our individual advisory of our customers.
Due to the specific race-(project)-history of the edelhelfer the focus of our versatile activities lies especially on the sports- and leisure industry.

Sports- and leisure industry

In the recent past the sports- and leisure industry, as a part of the consumer goods market, developed national and international to an increasingly commercially characterized industry. An on-going professionalization of the supply side, the increasing engagement of investors, but in front of all the changing demands of consumers characterizes this industry.
Significant challenges, faced by the players in the different segments are for instance:

  • How can I achieve a sustainable positioning in an increasingly versatile market?
  • How is it possible to distinguish my service from the increasing discount offers and even enhance my price level?
  • How can I manage to satisfy my customer on the long-term?
  • Which market segments offer potential for further growth?
  • Which opportunities of capital raising are provided for me as a part of the industry?

In the last years our team was able to answer questions like those and intensively dedicated themselves to the development of this exciting industry.